Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Diaoyu Islands as Powder Keg, China Should Punish US's "Bad Dog"

Clearly the US is encroaching on China's military defense development when it sides with Japan. It is in fact the US's hidden agenda to use Japan to encircle China. What is there to stop North Korea or China to lob a missile onto Tokyo? Is warfare symmetrical or asymmetrical? Can the df-21d missiles be stopped?

This is the latest on what is reported to be an exercise on an "virtual enemy:"

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China asks Japan, U.S. to cancel drill involving recapture of island
China has asked Japan and the United States to cancel a scheduled drill in June in California by the U.S. forces and Japan's Self-Defense Forces to recapture control of a remote island amid a Sino-Japanese row over the Senkaku Islands in the East China ...
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Inside the Ring: US-Japan Dawn Blitz
Washington Times
According to Asahi, the Japanese newspaper that first reported Chinese opposition to the island assault exercise on Tuesday, U.S. and Japanese troops will land on an island and fire on enemy occupation forces. The newspaper reported that Tokyo ...
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China asks for cancellation of Japan-US amphibious assault exercises
The Japan Daily Press
China has asked the United States and Japan to cancel its scheduled exercises this month in California where U.S. military and Japan's Self Defense Forces (SDF) will be training for amphibious assault aimed at recapturing an island, this in light of ...
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China should agree to arbitration
South China Morning Post
Chinese and Japanese patrol boats again had a face-off near the islands; fortunately there were no damaging incidents. If in the coming meeting Mr Xi is going to repeat Beijing's position that sovereignty of the islands belongs to China, and the US ...
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  1. I've been neglectful in following this in the news.. .. And I'm normally very attentive to news.. It is one of those situations, like the 1930s I' very much fear, where most attention is to the other side of the world from Asia.... I did not know about the CA war game.. Very dangerous.. IMHO..