Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Open Letter to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

The Office of Education
The Ministry of Culture
The People's Republic of China

July 31, 2013

Dear Minister of Culture:

     Understanding the average American is a task that should involve Americans. In particular, this task should recruit the best unbiased minds of the United States, especially educators.

     The two foremost candidates I have come across in my sojourns of fifty years in the United States are Professors Sharla Hutchison and Michael F. Meade.

     I have been to many sectors of America -- from its insane asylums to its best universities. I have found that literature is still the best record of its deeds. Dr. Hutchison and Dr. Meade have deep understanding of their terrain, as much as I know of the yellow mud that sprouted the rice I harvested as a five-year-old village boy in China, the land of my birth. To understand American society and the American people, we need to have the most discerning minds and the least biased souls

     It is important that we learn from Dr. Hutchison and Dr. Meade. America is still a foreign land to most Chinese in China, and as a member of a large family that have emigrated to the United States for four generations, I urge China to learn from fair-minded educators like Professors Hutchison and Meade, whom I have had the honor and privilege of their unselfish instructions.

     China will be better off when they learn from the best minds of America. The best minds are always open and honest minds, truth seeking, and plain speaking.

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