Monday, August 12, 2013

So Whitmanesque

Today it was so Whitmanesque to walk the familiar route to the Red Apple. The Mexican food trailer sitting on the corner by The Station coffee shop which was just opening at 7 o’clock. I came across two men who walked their dogs and a pile of beer cans with discarded food cartons. The Community Center El Centro de la Raza, formerly a neighborhood elementary school that looms Gothically, making one think that in this quiet neighborhood, a sleepy underdeveloped enclave a  stone’s throw to downtown Seattle and to Chinatown, that there may be hidden dragons and crouching tigers or dungeons where they chain vixens for forcible sex. Whitman never have imagined this when he was writing in New York that depravity could spread this far. This is Seattle man. Even here the cops shoot to kill the mentally ill. 

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